New Washing & Bleaching Equipments

Washing & Bleaching Equipments


Vacuum Drum Washer

Based on absorbing the most advanced technologies, WenRui independently developed the Fifth generation of vacuum drum washer, which has been awarded with the national patents No. ZL2008 2 0026182.X and No. ZL2008 2 0025982.0, and considered as an ideal substitute for the forth generation of drum washer. Performance data successfully reaches international advanced level, such as large production capacity per unit area, filtering area increased greatly by the corrugated type filter plate, preventing back flow and “screen blocking” plane film sealed distributing valve increasing vacuum, steady running and easy maintenance.

Vaccum Drum Washer

Advantage: (5 th generation vacuum washer)

–          Large production capacity per unit area.

–          Drum using conical channel technology, increasing flow and filtrate throughput.

–          Plane valve fixed by multipoint, stable working clearance and vacuum.

–          Plane distributing valve occupies less area, compact structure, convenient to repair

–          The corrugated plate increases effective filter area, preventing back flow and “screen blocking”

–          Spreading press and agitation techniques, easy mixing and improved washing efficiency.

–          Combined side plate, feeding pulp by weir plate, divided seal structure, steady running and easy maintenance.

–          The speed of main drive is changeable through frequency conversion, electric energy consumption can be reduced.

Technical Parameters

Technical parameters

Wash Press

As one kind medium consistency pulp washing, bleaching and black liquor extracting equipment, this wash press currently is reasonable in structure, advanced in functions and developed in technical level, and can achieve the continuous dewatering displacing, washing, pressing and discharging, etc. Unique designs and innovative technologies help Twin Roll Press obtain incomparable reliability and perfect performances, and can be used for black liquor extracting, washing, bleaching and thickening from straw pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wood pulp, waste paper pulp etc. Performance data has reaching to international leading level.

Twin roll wash press



–          Using international advanced hydraulic drive system, pulp distributing system and washing system.

–          Combined with washing, dewatering and displacing press.

–          Fully improved pulp feeding structure with independent intellectual property rights to get better distributing effect.

–          Brand –new seal and scraper mechanism. Operate with good sealing and easy control.

–          Larger filtration area and displacement function, better pulp washing effect.

–          Sweden hydraulic drive system with Stable and liable running.

–          Modern control system for remote control.

Technical Parameters 

Technical parameters- Twin roll wash press

Single Screw Press

Single screw press can be used for thickening the chemical bleached pulp, CMP, waste paper pulp etc. and especially suitable for extracting black liquor during black liquor extraction stages. Pulp is pushed forward by the shaft through its screw – diameter and pitch changing. Pulp volyme decreases gradually, and the extracted filtrate flows into tank through screen meshes. Outlet consistency can also be adjusted by control of screw rotating speed or pressure of plug device at discharge end.

Single Screw Press



–          Low rotate speed, low power demand and low noise level.

–          Special structure design prevent pulp slippage, stable discharge consistency

–          High dewatering efficiency, extracting 80% black liquor from the pulp, drier pulp cake.

–          Applicable design prevent smell and black liquor overflow.

–          Completely mechanical extrusion dewatering, installation height not needed.

Technical Parameters (ZLY series)

Technical Parameters_ZLY series

Note: Technical parameters above is based on kraft wood pulp with inlet consistency of 8-12% and outlet consistency of 25-35%.

Technical Parameters (SP series)

Technical Parameters_SP series

Note: Technical parameters above is based on kraft wood pulp with inlet consistency of 4-12% and outlet consistency of 25-30%.


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