New White Water Recovery and Stock Thickening Equipment

White Water Recovery and Stock Thickening Equipment

Multi-disc Filter

As the latest generation of White Water Recovery and Stock Thickening Equipment, it can save energy , reduce water consumption and fiber loss content, meantime protect environment and prevent pollutions. It mainly applies to white water recovery in papermaking and stock thickening in pulping. Its performance has successfully reached to the national advanced standards.

Multi-disc Filter


–          High rate of fiber recovery during with water recovery, achieving water circulation, reducing water consumption, preventing white water pollution.

–          High outlet consistency of 10-14% for stock thickening.

–          Various sectors with large effective filtrating area, economical, high strength features, and easy to dismantle.

–          All models and sizes are available; filtration area can be adjusted depending on variable capacity requirements.

–          Mating ring made of anti –friction material and composite sealing belt provides maximum sealing effectiveness.

–          High automatization, easy operation and reliable capability.

–          Compact structure, less floor space required, high production capacity.

–          Good economic benefit and social benefit.

Technical Parameters

Multi-disc Filter- Technical Parameters


Gravity Disc Thickener

ZNP series gravity disc thickener is mainly used for low consistency stock thickening. Different from traditional vacuum disc filters, the water log installation height is not needed. It can replace traditional gravity decker thickener.

Gravity Disc Thickener


–          Applicable to mechanical wood pulp, waste, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, wheat straw pulp with lower freeness (higher beating degree), shorter fiber or higher consistency.

–          Easy operation, reliable running, high production capacity, less power consumption and convenient management.

–          Segments either perforated with stainless steel cloth or grated with polyester cloth.

Technical Parameters

 Gravity Disc Thickener - Technical Parameters


 Gravity Disc Thickener - Specification

Decker Thickener

Applicable to small production scale, mechanical wood pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp and straw pulp with low freeness (higher beating degree) shorter fiber, higher consistency.

Decker Thickener

Technical parameters (ZNS Series)

Decker Thickener- Technical Parameters-ZNS Series

Technical Parameters (ZNW Series) 

 Decker Thickener- Technical Parameters-ZNW Series


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