Spare Parts


We are cooperating with other companies to provide competitive spare and wear parts for the pulp and paper industry.

Our partners deliver today spare parts to some of the world’s largest pulp and paper mills but have not before been represented in the European pulp and paper business, So we give the European pulp and paper industry the same opportunity as other mills already have, namely an competitive option.

Here you will find Links to the spare parts we shows here on our web page, this web- page is far from complete so if you have an specified request just contact !

Mechnical Pulping

Screen Cylinder for Extrusion and Splitting Machine_pic


Washing and Bleaching 

Main Drum_pic

Pressure Screen 

Screen Cylinder & Rotor for XFS Fiber Classifying Screen_pic



Crusher Rotor_pic


White Water Recovery and Stock Thickening

Bagless Segment for Disc Filter_pic



FOAX – your aftermarket service partner

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